An Epic Battle Against Extraterrestrial Horrors

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Hero of the Federation: A Thrilling Sequel to Starship Troopers

An Epic Battle Against Extraterrestrial Horrors

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping journey as the beloved Starship Troopers franchise returns with Hero of the Federation! This gripping sequel transports you back to the unforgiving battlefields where humanity faces an extraterrestrial threat like no other.

Trapped on an Alien-Infested Planet

A group of courageous soldiers finds themselves stranded on a remote planet overrun by deadly alien bugs. These formidable creatures possess a sinister parasite that infects human brains, transforming them into mindless killing machines.

As darkness closes in, the soldiers must fight for their survival against an unrelenting enemy. But hope flickers amidst the chaos when a legendary war hero emerges from the shadows, ready to lead them through this desperate struggle.